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John, the author of the gospel of John, the book of Revelation, and the letters of 1 John and 2 John, also wrote 3 John. His purpose was to encourage believers to become fellow workers for the truth by helping those who were teaching the truth. The book of 3 John deals with the exhortation to receive “truthers”—those who have a good testimony regarding the delivery of the truth.

Are the warnings and exhortations in John’s letters something we need to know today? Oh, yes! We may not have the exact same situation of itinerant preachers as in John’s day, but we certainly have a much greater quantity of preachers and teachers that want to reach us. Snail mail, e-mail, the internet, along with a much greater mobility in our world make us susceptible to a multitude of false workers. How will we know the deceivers of 2 John from the truthers of 3 John?

We need to know the Word of God. We need to study the Word of God book by book, over and over again, embracing the truth in it, responding rightly to the God Who wrote it and urging others to do the same.

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