SPIRITUALS—The GIFTS Speaking of Tongues… Can We Talk?

It’s that squally question of the ages, “Are Tongues for today?” Guess what? We found the equable conclusion! "Where at?", you ask. “What’s the answer???", you scream!

Hold on… Hold on... We got it straight from the One Who knows—GOD! We take all the doctrine the Bible has to hold on the subject of Spiritual Gifts and observe it inductively. We then take you verse by verse through each and every doctrinal segment the Bible has to offer on Spiritual Gifts. (We did not elevate events to the level of teaching or doctrine—instead, we thoroughly studied the doctrinal teaching on the subject, leaving doctrine to explain the events in God's Word to you.)

The format is different than Word Center Ministries' Observation Bible Study Guides. (We are by no means dropping our OBSG format, in fact, Lord willing, we hope to finish all 66 books of the Bible for you in a timely fashion. We just thought this subject and style were a perfect fit.) Although we ask observation questions about every single verse, we also answer them all by showing you the answer in the Word of God. This book is a sit-down and enjoy-yourself-immensely afternoon read! If you had read this book already, you wouldn’t be able to wait to read it… that is, if you hadn’t read it already… er.. well… Anyway, you are going to want to read this book!!! It is making its way through the proofing, editing, and producing processes right now. 

Honestly, we haven’t been this excited to produce a new product magnifying God’s Word, well… since the last time we produced a new product magnifying God’s Word. Oh... this is not conveying our true excitement, but we wanted to give you a heads-up so you could get excited too. Try! Your excitement won’t be disappointed… and neither will you! Oh, and about that equable conclusion… it’s in The BOOK (and ours, too!)

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