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The purpose of HIStory: From Event To Event The Bible Is One Story is to enable you to see the main events in the Bible and to understand the Bible as one book with one story—HIS Story! History is HIS Story! HIStory is more than just a chronological timeline of the Bible and HIStory shows you more than just the connection between various stories. HIStory puts everything together for you in one package, no more bits and pieces, so that you will see and understand what God wrote and why He wrote it!

The Observation Bible Study Guide is Inductive and allows you to discover truth for yourself. The pictorial timeline is made up of images, each keyed to an event in the book HIStoryHIStory is perfect for Bible studies, Home schools, Christian schools, and Sunday schools.  The curriculum includes lesson plans for 9 months (school year) and 11 weeks (quarter). Click on the link for the companion HIStory Bible Timeline and HIStory Flash Cards.

Though Word Center Ministries offer HIStory free to download, we also offer a printed and bound version in our store. We desire that those who are unable in means or wish to look at the study guide before purchasing would use this freely. However, if you are able we would greatly appreciate the purchase of HIStory to support our ministry.

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Click on the event titles below to download the audio teaching files of HIStory (zipped), or press the play button to stream them online. Each lesson is broken up into two (approx.) hours.

HIStory Event 0 …(Introduction)

HIStory Event 1 Before the Beginning God Exists in His Glorious Glory

HIStory Event 2 …In the Beginning GOD Creates so His Glory will be Seen

HIStory Event 3 …Man Sins and Dies Spiritually!  GOD Promises THE SEED to Bring Spiritual Life!

HIStory Event 4 …GOD Destroys the Distorted Image of His Glory

HIStory Event 5 …GOD Creates and Scatters the Nations

HIStory Event 6 …GOD Creates the Nation of Israel

HIStory Event 7 …GOD Sends His Nation, Israel, to a Foreign Land

HIStory Event 8 …GOD Delivers Israel

HIStory Event 9 …GOD Gives His Law to Israel

HIStory Event 10 …GOD Brings the Nation of Israel into the Land

HIStory Event 11 …GOD Sends Judges to Rule Over Israel

HIStory Event 12 …Israel Rejects GOD as her King

HIStory Event 13 …GOD Splits the Kingdom of Israel in Two

HIStory Event 14 …GOD Sends Prophets to the Northern Kingdom of Israel (Israel)

HIStory Event 15 …GOD Sends Assyria to Take the Northern Kingdom into Captivity

HIStory Event 16 …GOD Sends Prophets to the Southern Kingdom of Israel (Judah)

HIStory Event 17 …GOD Sends Babylon to Take the Southern Kingdom into Captivity

HIStory Event 18 …GOD Promises a New Covenant… THE SEED!

HIStory Event 19 …GOD Brings Israel Back to The Land

HIStory Event 20 …GOD Calls Israel Back to Himself… Then He is Silent… 

HIStory Event 21 …GOD Sends the PROMISED SEED!!!

HIStory Event 22 …GOD Anoints THE SEED!

HIStory Event 23 …THE SEED Dies

HIStory Event 24 …THE SEED is Buried

HIStory Event 25 …THE SEED Lives and is Seen!

HIStory Event 26 …THE SEED Returns to GOD

HIStory Event 27A …The Nation of Israel — Set Aside and Purified Until THE SEED Returns

HIStory Event 27B …The Church — THE SEED Sends His HOLY SPIRIT as Promised!

HIStory Event 28 …THE SEED Returns in Glory!!!

HIStory Event 29 …THE SEED Reigns!

HIStory Event 30 …The Last Rebellion Against GOD

HIStory Event 31 …GOD's Great White Throne Judgment and the Lake of Fire

HIStory Event 32 …Beyond the Horizon of Eternity GOD Exists Forever in His Glorious Glory!!!

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