Zephaniah Thumb

The first 39 books of the Bible are called the Old Testament. 12 of those books are called the nor Prophets (because the books are small). Zephaniah is the ninth of the 12.

Zephaniah speaks of the Day of the Lord more than any other prophet; although Joel is a close second. The Jews thought of the Day of the Lord as a time for rejoicing because God would finally judge their enemies. However, judgment begins with the house of the Lord, therefore, God’s people would be punished during the same time period—the Day of the Lord. Zephaniah speaks first of the judgment of the Day of the Lord against Judah and Jerusalem, then against the other nations.

But then, marvelously, Zephaniah speaks of the latter days of the Day of the Lord, when God would restore the fortunes of His people and dwell in the midst of them. In the last paragraph, God is portrayed as Israel’s Present King, her Protective Warrior and her Rejoicing Bridegroom!

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