Haggai Thumb

The first 39 books of the Bible are called the Old Testament. 12 of those books are called the Minor Prophets (because the books are small). Haggai is the tenth of the 12.

God took His people out of their land in 605 BC and sent them to Babylon as punishment for their sin. After 70 years, He brought them back to Jerusalem to rebuild His Temple, which had been decimated in the final siege on Jerusalem in 586 BC.

It was now 520 BC and had been over 15 years since the people worked on God’s Temple, even though all the while they had built their own homes right down to the last finishing touches. God tells His people through Haggai to consider their ways and start building His House. (Since  they had stopped working on His House, God had smote them with drought, mildew, hail and blasting wind.) They repented at Haggai’s Word from the Lord and started to rebuild the Temple. After they changed their deeds, God told them again to consider their ways—because He would bless them for obedience.

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