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The first 39 books of the Bible are called the Old Testament. 12 of those books are called the Minor Prophets (because the books are small). Hosea is the first of the 12. 

Hosea was sent to the Northern Kingdom, but Israel would not listen! The prophet’s own life with his wife, Gomer, was a picture of God’s ways with Israel, His wife. God was a husband to Israel, but she soon rejected Him and became a harlot, sleeping daily with the world. Despite her loathsome behavior, God was faithful to her and would not give up on her. He bought her out of the slave market of sin. He took her home with Him, but He shut her up until a future time when He would go in to her once more as a husband.

Jesus paid the price to buy Israel back for God. Israel is now shut up during the age of the church, but God is not finished with Israel. He will indeed, go back in to her as a husband when the Redeemer Himself comes again, this time in His full glory. God’s people had eyes, but they would not see themselves in the life of Gomer.

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