Isaiah was a prophet sent by God with a message to the Southern Kingdom of Israel (Judah), and to its capital city, Jerusalem; Mount Zion. God sent Isaiah during the same time that He sent Amos and Hosea to the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Isaiah prophesied before, during, and after the Assyrians took the Northern Kingdom captive in 722 BC. God’s message to Judah was severe and final, “Judah needed to repent of her sins and return to God and His ways!” She did not repent and finally God sent another nation, Babylon, to take her captive, according to His Covenant with Israel.

There are two major themes in Isaiah:

  • The Holy One of Israel, The King 
  • Zion, The Holy One’s (the King’s) intended royal habitation.

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The Holy One of Israel intends to dwell in Jerusalem, Zion, with His people. He is holy and cannot dwell with sin; therefore, His people and His city need to be purged of their sin. In addition, the nations surrounding Zion, the earth, and all of Creation need to be purified, as well. God will thoroughly cleanse His creation. Purification will be a painful process because mankind refuses to release its sin. The purification includes:

  • Painful cleansing (Justice and Judgment) 
  • Healing Salvation (Redemption and Restoration)

Because the Holy One of Israel intends to dwell in Zion, the book of Isaiah moves from the necessity of purifying judgment to the inevitability of purifying judgment to the actual judgment, then beyond the actual judgment to healing and beyond healing to God’s glory! God will first judge and then save! The Holy One will purge His Holy Hill, Mt. Zion. Once the purification process is complete the Holy One of Israel will dwell in Zion with a remnant of believers who will inherit God’s Glorious Holy Kingdom of Zion!

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